Legal information

Legal information

Legal information

The information which is offered on this site is subject to a responsibility exemption clause, a copyright warning, the applicable personal data protection standards, including conditions of use.

Responsibility exemption clause

Antonio Díaz e Hijos, S.A. declines any responsibility regarding information originating outside this website and not managed directly by our webmaster.

The links which appear on this page merely inform users about the existence of other sources of information on this matter on the Internet, where they can find out more about the data offered on this site. These links do not suppose a suggestion, invitation or recommendation to visit the destinations, and for this reason, Antonio Díaz e Hijos, S.A. will not be responsible any results obtained through these hypertext links.

Under no circumstances Antonio Díaz e Hijos, S.A. will be responsible to third parties concerning any direct or indirect financial damage, loss of clientele or loss of profit resulting from the use of

Copyright Notice

© Antonio Diaz e Hijos, 2012

Reproduction authorised whenever the source is quoted, unless indicated to the contrary. In cases when prior authorisation is required to reproduce or use text or multimedia data (sound, images, programmes, etc.), this authorisation will cancel out the general aforementioned authorisation and it will clearly mention any possible usage restrictions.

Personal data protection

Antonio Diaz e Hijos, S.A. is committed to respecting user intimacy. For this reason, Antonio Diaz e Hijos, S.A. has adopted the legally required personal data protection levels, based on Royal Decree 994/1999 approving the Ruling on security measures for automated files which contain personal data. In the same way, it aims to use all additional technical means of protection within its reach. website uses 'cookies' when users visit its pages, to recognise the browser, the chosen browsing language and other elements which can be configured by the user. Users can configure their browser to be warned when it receives 'cookies' and, when necessary, prevent them being installed in their hard disk. Please, consult instructions and manuals on your browser to find out more.

As a general rule, to access services provided by Antonio Diaz e Hijos, S.A. in the private zone, it is necessary to formalise the user record on the header page accepting the conditions which are expressly mentioned on the Registry Form. This form will specify the personal data which will be processed with absolute confidentiality and exclusively for the purposes given in the Contract to Accept the Conditions of Use for the Services and/or Contents from Antonio Diaz e Hijos, S.A.

In this respect, for each service or specific contents, a supervisor will determine the purposes and means for processing the personal data and assure that the service or content complies with the privacy policy which will specify.

Declaration of privacy

Antonio Díaz e Hijos uses this privacy declaration to present its policy on using information which you have provided:

  • What information is collected, for what purpose and how it is technically collected: Antonio Díaz e Hijos exclusively collects as much personal information as necessary to achieve a specific goal. The information will not be used again for a purpose which is not compatible with what is described.
  • Who your data is revealed to: Antonio Díaz e Hijos will only reveal the information to third parties if this is necessary to comply with the aforementioned purpose and only to the aforementioned people (or categories of people).
  • How can you access your data, verify if it correct and when necessary, correct it: As the subject of the information, you also have the right to oppose your personal data being processed for legitimate reasons, except when the data is collected to comply with a legal obligation or it is necessary to comply with a contract which you are part of or it must be used for a proposal which you have given your unmistakeable consent.
  • How long the data is saved: Antonio Díaz e Hijos only keeps the data for the time required to comply with the reason why it was requested or its later processing.
  • What are the security measures taken to safeguard your information against possible abuse or non authorised access: Antonio Díaz e Hijos as adopted the legally required personal data protection security levels, and it has installed all the technical means and measurements within their reach to avoid the loss, poor use, altering, non authorised access and robbery of personal data provided to Antonio Díaz e Hijos. The company will inform you of this, on prior written request, signed by the person requesting it, and sent to the Antonio Díaz e Hijos, C/Puerto de la Morcuera,1 - Apdo. 55 28935 MOSTOLES (Madrid).
  • Who to contact if you have questions or complaints: To contact the internet site Webmaster, write an non anonymous email to
  • The family of Internet sites in the domain offers links to third party sites. Given that no control is exercised over these links, we suggest that you read their privacy practices attentively.

The Antonio Díaz e Hijos user (client) is responsible for protecting their user name and password so that they are not used without authorisation. You are responsible for any use of using your user name and password.

In the event of any non authorised use or revealing your username and password, this should be reported immediately to our Legal Department by email or by phone 916 160 504

Rights to access, cancellation, rectification and opposition

The user has recognised access, cancellation, rectification and opposition rights and can exercise them. They also have the right to be informed about cancellations made by contacting Antonio Diaz e Hijos by email or in writing to this address: Antonio Díaz e Hijos, C/Puerto de la Morcuera,1 - Apdo. 55 28935 MOSTOLES (Madrid).

On the services and contents offered by the website

A service (or content) in is a service or resource made available on the Internet for all users interested in this matter.

There are or will be three types of service in Antonio Diaz e Hijos:

  • Informative services, which facilitate easy and effective access to the information to citizens, the media, companies, administrations and other supervisors thereby improving transparency and understanding on Adhisa policies and activities. Antonio Diaz e Hijos
  • Interactive communication services which permit better contacts with citizens, the media, companies, civil society and public players and which thereby make consultations easier regarding Adhisa initiatives and policies. Antonio Diaz e Hijos
  • Transaction services which permit access from the private zone to all the basic forms of transactions such as financial and personal operations, inscription in events, contracting courses or conferences, obtaining or purchasing documents, etc.

Conditions for use

  • Use of the website is governed by the standards established in this legal warning. By using it, you are accepting the conditions for use.
  • and all the material belonging to Antonio Díaz e Hijos. registered in the Madrid Mercantile Register, Hoja 8.847, Folio 172, Tomo 1.778, Libro 1.185 de la sección 3.ª, Inscription with the address in C/Puerto de la Morcuera,1 - Apdo. 55 28935 MOSTOLES (Madrid), and email
  • The website or any part of it cannot be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold or used for any commercial purposes or any other purpose which is not expressly permitted by our company.
  • Modification of the materials or their use for another purpose constitutes a violation of the copyright and other registered brand rights.
  • For legal reasons, Antonio Díaz e Hijos can and should facilitate as much information as required to the competent authorities in compliance with the Spanish laws in the event of mediating the relevant legal order, which is only given when a judge has the firm suspicion that the user has carried out illegal activities. Under this supposition, and with the intention of collaborating with the legal system, can record and later pass on to the police, on prior presentation of the legally required legal order, Antonio Díaz e Hijos information relating to the IP address which identifies the user’s connection, as well as the exact time of connection, user names and passwords, among other data. In any case, the IP addresses and connection times are only recorded in the services where the user is suspected of illegal use.

Legal information